Our social responsibility

Family-friendly BKK

In 2018, BKK won the Family-Friendly Company of the Year award, founded by the Three Princes and Three Princesses Movement. Year after year, this title is awarded to companies that set an example for other employers to follow with their family-friendly corporate culture, based on the invited professional jury’s decision.
In addition to providing childcare benefits, BKK considers it important to draw attention to the need for more jobs that help to create work-life balance and support having children besides working.
BKK plans to introduce family-friendly measures in the future and will continue to support the organisation of events such as family and sports days, Children's Day and Santa Claus Day.

People with changed work capacity

We consider colleagues with changed working abilities to be valuable members of our company, therefore we pay special attention to them. In our experience, not only does it have a positive effect on the quality of life of employees with altered working abilities that they do useful work, but it is also a rational economic decision and a sensible solution for our company.