Completely renewed MOL Bubi public bike sharing system in 2021

The MOL Bubi public bike system will be completely renewed in 2021, approved by the Municipality of Budapest along with BKK Centre for Budapest Transport on 28 May 2020. Introduction of a new mobile app, bikes rideable more easily, multi-tiered pricing and the introduction of a more flexible use are also to be planned. These developments are aimed at realising that more and more passengers could opt for cycling as a transport mode in Budapest and the MOL Bubi public bike sharing system could pertain more tightly to Budapest’s public transport system.

Introduction of the MOL Bubi public bike system in 2014 has fundamentally contributed to the popularity and acceptance of cycling, as an urban transport mode. 2,071 apple-green bikes have been put into service so far across 157 locations citywide. From 15 March 2020, the MOL Bubi public bike system is temporarily available for a symbolic fee of HUF 100. Thanks to the above-mentioned approval, the indicators have improved and the number of the MOL Bubi registered users has passed the 100 thousand mark. Despite the fact that due to the pandemic crisis, traffic crucially dropped in Budapest, a significant number of passengers opted for the MOL Bubi public bike system, proving that there is demand for urban cycling.

A vast amount of experience has been gained since the system was launched. By taking users’ feedbacks into account, BKK is ready for taking MOL Bubi to the next level. Besides decreasing the operational cost, we intend to stabilise the tendencies improved during the past months as well as to constantly improve users’ experiences and MOL Bubi’s operational environment.

More simple rental service and easier ride

Therefore, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport along with the Municipality of Budapest made a decision that the operation of the MOL Bubi public bike system would be placed on a new foundation from 2021, in order that longer-term goals and cost-effectiveness could be achieved. The developmental intentions have been welcomed also by the MOL Group (Hungary’s biggest oil and gas corporation), the official naming sponsor, which is wishing to remain an active partner of Budapest’s MOL Bubi public bike system.

The MOL Bubi public bike sharing system will go through a comprehensive technological innovation in the upcoming months. According to the plans, from 2021, a new app would help bike rentals. In the course of technical developments, bikes would be equipped with tyres pumped up and also with a smart lock, instead of the inner tube. Besides, the service’s tariff system would renew, too, in order that passengers in possession of a public transport pass could be entitled to a special discount, when using the system.

The MOL Bubi public bike sharing system adds great value for Budapest’s residents. Budapest’s management along with BKK Centre for Budapest Transport are committed to making cycling more popular, besides increasing the share of public transport. Moreover, they wish to achieve that cycling could be an integral part of public transport; during the combination of the different transport modes, when passengers transfer from one vehicle to another, MOL Bubi could serve as a competitive alternative.

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