Bike lanes are being created along Villányi út – the interconnected network is expanded

Soon enough cyclists will be able to ride safely on a new location in Budapest, as along Villányi út, (in district 11) a 1.7 km-long bike lane will be established, directly connecting the already-popular bike lanes in Bartók Béla út. Due to the establishment of the new bike lane, the number of lanes designated for car traffic will not be reduced.

After the works carried out across the Grand Boulevard have been finished, works in relation to the establishment of a new bike lane across Villányi út in district 11 will start on 11 May 2020. The new section linking Móricz Zsigmond körtér and Budaörsi út will be 1.7 km-long, which will be directly accessible from the bike lane on Bartók Béla út. Consequently, MOL Bubi docking stations to be found along Villányi út will be accessible more safely, moreover, the number of lanes designated for car traffic will not be reduced.

The establishment of the bike lane along Villányi út has been on the Municipality’s agenda for long, as so far many cyclists have used the section considered to be one of the major routes of Szentimreváros. The Municipality of Budapest will be continuously monitoring the utilisation of the new lanes and will adopt a decision about the final establishment of bike lanes simultaneously with the other sections, expected to be in the end of the summer, by learning from the experience.

Step by step

The Municipality of Budapest made a decision in the end of March that temporary bike lanes would be created along some major routes in Budapest, helping to slow down the spread of the pandemic. In the beginning of April, the works could start after quick and professional discussions had been made with civil organisations.

  • Works (establishment of bike lanes) have started in the first step between the section of Móricz Zsigmond körtér and Tétényi út on Bartók Béla út,
  • in the second step between the section of Bartók Béla út and Etele út on Tétényi út,
  • followed by the section between Kálvin tér and Könyves Kálmán körút on Üllői út,
  • and finally cycling has become safe even on the section between Üllői út and Váci út on the Grand Boulevard.

The approximately 20 km-long new bike lane realised in these current developments is significant not only in terms of its length. The new bike lanes usually fill the missing gap, hence making the previously-scattered, segregated cycling network in Budapest unified that can be used comfortably and quickly. Thanks to the new developments, cycling will be easy not only in the city centre but even destinations in the city centre can be easily accessed from the suburbs.

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