Clients are free to visit BKK Customer Service Centres and also the Central Customer Service Centre again

BKK Central Customer Service Centre (1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 19–21.) and also BKK Customer Service Centres can be visited again from 25 May 2020. The opening hours of the Central Customer Service Centre remain unchanged, while all the other Customer Service Centres are open between 7:00 19:00, by taking into account the significant decrease in public transport services. The two Customer Service Points to be found in the Liszt Ferenc International Airport remain closed for a temporary period of time and will reopen, depending on the relaunch of the airport service.

In addition to providing face-to-face customer services, BKK pays particular attention to meeting the pandemic-related recommendations, in order good health of clients and personnel could be maintained. Accordingly, it is compulsory to cover mouth and nose for people aged 6+, at sales points, the number of customers who are allowed to stay on the premises of a customer service centre is the same as that of the open space counters to be found in that customer service centre. BKK does it best to provide hand sanitizers at the entrance of the customer service centres. We recommend payment by contactless cards, if possible.

In accordance with our previously-made statements, passengers subject to fine after 12 March are entitled to present their pass within five (5) workdays calculated from the reopening of the Customer Service Centres, which means until 29 May 2020.

By the reopening of the customer service centres, the deadline indicated on the Fining Receipt issued by the ticket inspector upon the fining case along with the payment cheque is applicable again, thus the basic fining amount of HUF 16,000 can be reduced to HUF 8,000, if paid within two (2) working days.

We would like to still kindly ask our customers to visit the open space and open counter BKK Customer Service Centres and also the Central Customer Service Centre solely in case of matters requiring the personal administration process.

Recommended ticket and pass sales points:

For further information, please visit our website:

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