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Masks distributed by BKK Centre for Budapest Transport along with the Municipality of Budapest to Budapest’s public transport users

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Mr. Mayor Gergely Karácsony has ordered that either a mask or a kerchief or a scarf covering the mouth and nose be worn onboard Budapest’s public transport vehicles from 27 April 2020. To comply with this measure and to protect every single passenger using BKK’s public transport services, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport along with the Municipality of Budapest will distribute washable and ironable textile masks in the coming days to passengers using Budapest’s public transport services.

Before and after the new measure is put into effect, a total number of 60 thousand healthcare masks will be given free-of-charge by BKK’s employees between 7:00 and 9:00 AM several times a week at ten busy transport hubs in Budapest. Even the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid joins this initiative, in the framework of which, in the first round 5 thousand, then further 25 thousand masks will be distributed free-of-charge to Budapest’s public transport users.

Masks will be given on the spot in the coming days, at the following locations:

“The health of Budapest’s public transport users is of paramount importance for BKK, thus we are doing our best also by these initiatives to help that our customers could avoid the infection”, emphasised BKK’s CEO. Dr. Ivett Varga added: “If we pay particular attention to ourselves and to the people around us and we also comply with the measures, we can decrease the risks of the coronavirus infection and public transport services can continue to be a safe alternative option to reach point B from point A in Budapest.”

The display of the FUTAR Journey Planner (the traffic management and passenger information system) at public spaces and audio information and displayed information materials onboard the vehicles warn passengers to comply with the measures, serving the protection of each and every one of us.

Among the surrounding European capitals, measures have already been taken prior to Budapest  to wear masks on public transport services to slow down the spread of the coronavirus infection. In Budapest, every surface used by passengers onboard the vehicles are continued to be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis, including the get-off signals, handrails, seats, window openers and the drivers’ booth.

How to properly use masks?

To wear the mask, it is necessary to get information on how to put it on, take it off and also on how to disinfect it.

(Source: Hungarian Medical Chamber. Further recommendations for residents made about how to wear a mask is available at the Hungarian Medical Chamber’s website: mok.hu/koronavirus/allasfoglalasok/tegyunk-valamit-a-szank-es-az-orrunk-ele.)

Please find more information on how to use ethically Budapest’s public transport services at BKK’s website.