How to use Budapest’s public transport services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

During the coronavirus pandemic it is of paramount importance to follow and comply with some advice that seem to be commonplace. BKK Centre for Budapest Transport gives below an overview about its recommendations along with the recommendations made by the Municipality of Budapest and the World Health Organization. BKK along with Budapest’s transport service providers have recently taken several measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, in the framework of which they would like to kindly ask passengers to take extra attention to their and also to their fellow passengers’ health.

Based on the recommendations made by the World Health Organization, the Municipality of Budapest would like passengers to follow the following advice:

  • avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose,
  • wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer on a regular basis,
  • when sneezing or coughing, use a disposable tissue or cover mouth with elbow,
  • in case of fever, runny nose or flu-related symptoms, avoid using public transport.

BKK would like to kindly ask its customers to

  • follow and comply with the recommendations made by the World Health Organization even while reaching Point B from Point A,
  • always wash your hands after finishing your travel for increased efficiency, despite the fact that public transport vehicles are cleaned and disinfected on a continuous basis,
  • en route – by keeping safety in mind – touch different surfaces (e.g. handrails, elements of the escalator, fellow passengers, etc.) as little as possible,
  • always consider whether or not you get onboard a vehicle in case the vehicle is crowded,
  • in case windows can be opened onboard a vehicle, it is advisable to let fresh air in as much as possible,
  • during the pandemic, it is advisable to purchase the mobile ticket in case you find the product you wish to use while using the public transport services available in the range of the mobile ticket,
  • please be so kind to be more polite with vehicle drivers, personnel carrying out ticket inspection and with your fellow passengers.

Please find more information on the pandemic at BKK’s Facebook page designed for the “good to know” information about the pandemic in Budapest’s public transport

Measures taken so far by BKK to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

In cooperation with its service providers and the Municipality of Budapest, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport has recently taken several measures to prevent, or at least slow down the spread of the pandemic.

  • To protect thousands of Budapest’s public transport vehicle drivers, sales of single tickets onboard the vehicles have been suspended for an infinite period of time.
  • In case there is a passenger wishing to get on or off a vehicle in the Hungarian capital, vehicle drivers open all of the doors of the vehicle, in order they could let fresh air in.
  • For an infinite period of time, the first-door-only policy has been suspended on Budapest’s public transport vehicles, Helping better ventilation of vehicles and moreover avoiding crowdedness at the first door when passengers get onboard the vehicles.
  • In most of the vehicles where it is possible, the opening of windows is ensured.
  • Public transport vehicles are more often cleaned and disinfected.
  • Ticket inspectors and colleagues working at Customer Service Centres and Points getting in contact with customers on a regular basis are supplied with hand sanitizers.
  • To the extent possible by technology, the most possible escalators have been installed at metro stations, in order that passengers could reach the top as soon as possible.
  • Jointly with the Municipality of Budapest and BKV Zrt (the Budapest Transport Privately Held Corporation), BKK has launched a campaign on hundreds of buses and at information boards at stops, calling passengers’ attention to hygiene-related steps.

BKK would like to kindly ask passengers to pay particular attention to their own health and be very cautious when travelling, by which they can protect even themselves and their fellow passengers.

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