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Mobile ticket: secure solution during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic crisis, it is of paramount importance that during daily travel physical contacts between passengers and vehicle drivers and between passengers and ticket inspectors who carry out their work in public transport just as vehicle drivers could be as little as possible. The spread of the pandemic could slow down if we do not purchase the product required to use public transport services at a Customer Service Centre, as we have got used to do, but we use a mobile ticket, enabling safer trips during the pandemic period.

Despite the temporary measures introduced owing to the coronavirus pandemic crisis, public transport services can be used even in this period only in possession of a valid ticket or pass, which is continuously inspected by BKK’s ticket inspectors. It would be worthwhile for passengers having a smart phone to consider the use of the mobile ticket, enabling a safer solution during the pandemic period. Upon purchasing the mobile ticket, passengers are not required to encounter with sales persons and even upon ticket inspection, the physical contact between passengers and ticket inspectors is minimalised. By using the mobile ticket, not only passengers’ trips but also ticket inspectors’ work become safer. Ticket inspectors are able to inspect the validity period of the ticket shown to them with their own device in a contactless way.

Not all of BKK’s ticket types are available currently via the mobile ticket, yet passengers can select from several popular pass types. Please find more information on the mobile ticket at:

Over one billion

After slightly more than nine months, the Mobile ticket project reached the total turnover of the symbolic HUF 1 billion. Passengers have used their smart phones to purchase a mobile ticket for a total number of 200 000 occasions. From the data gained so far, the list of the most favourable products passenger purchase via their smart phones are outlined.

  • Among the types of tickets and passes purchased via a smart phone, the Monthly Budapest-pass has been the best-selling product. Budapest’s passengers have spent HUF 750 million on the Monthly Budapest-pass so far.
  • Among travelcards, the 24-hour travelcard is the most popular product, out of which nearly 25 000 pieces have been sold recently, in the amount of over HUF 40 million.
  • The Airport shuttle bus single ticket, the first product introduced in the system is continuing to perform well, out of which passengers have purchased over 52 000 units in the amount of HUF 47 million.

Besides financial data, passengers’ feedbacks have proved that this new sales channel is to passengers’ liking who use public transport services in Budapest. BKK has been recently given numerous useful feedbacks and recommendations from users, which experts have already integrated during the system’s development and will also take them into account in the future.

In the framework of the mobile ticket project introduced on 2 June 2019, approximately 95 000 purchases were made until the end of 2019, declared Dr. Ivett Varga. BKK’s CEO added that the company is doing its best to make purchase more convenient for customers in the long run and also to make sales channels similar to the mobile ticket regular, opposed to cash payment.

About the mobile ticket

The mobile ticket is a travel entitlement purchasable via the mobile app, which is available also via the mobile apps of the distributors contracted with the National Mobile Payment Plc. The scope of the Budapest project launched in the summer of 2019 has been recently expanded with several new products.

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