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BKK’s Customer Service Centres are closed for a temporary period of time

Please note that in order to protect our customers’ and colleagues’ health as well as to prevent and stop the spread of the coronavirus, from 19 March 2020 (Thursday) until the end of the coronavirus crisis, BKK’s Customer Service Centres remain closed, as their service has been minimalised for recent days. Please note that despite the closure of 14 sales points situated in Budapest, tickets and passes can be purchased even from circa 370 TVMS, at nine ticket offices which remain open; and single tickets along with the block of ten tickets are on sale at several contracted distributors – please find sales points at BKK’s sales point finder. During the pandemic crisis, the Mobile ticket app is extremely secure to use, by the help of which we are able to select even from the comfort of our home the type of ticket/pass we wish to use out of several types of tickets and passes.

Due to the pandemic crisis, usage by passengers of public transport services has been dropped to a significant extent for the recent days. In accordance with the most updated, today’s data, the lines’ capacity is below 10% on average. To protect customers’ and colleagues’ health, BKK closes its 14 Customer Service Centres operable in Budapest along with its ticket office in Népliget from 19 March until the end of the pandemic crisis. The service of these open space sales points has recently dropped to the minimum. (Customer Service Points to be found at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport were closed even from today.)

BKK would like to recommend that passengers who are in possession of a smart phone purchase their ticket or pass via the mobile ticket app during the pandemic crisis: despite the fact that not all of the types of tickets are purchasable via the mobile ticket app, passes and travelcards used most often are available via the app. (Further information: https://bkk.hu/pontkereso.) Tickets, passes required to use Budapest’s public transport services are purchasable at several spots in Budapest. Please find the nearest sales point conveniently at: www.bkk.hu/pontkereso.

Owing to the closure of Customer Service Centres, cases other than ticket-and pass purchase can be arranged over the phone and online until the end of the pandemic crisis.