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Budapest’s public transport services during 2018’s Sziget Festival

The 26th Sziget Festival will be held on Óbuda Island (Óbudai-sziget) from 8 August to 15 August 2018. BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, the mobility manager of the Hungarian capital, provides higher frequencies on suburban railway line H5, on lines running on Grand Boulevard and also operates vehicles with bigger passenger capacity on night lines 901 and 918, and launches special dedicated boat services to provide access for Sziget visitors to the venue of the festival. BKK recommends taking public transport to reach the Óbudai-sziget as fast as possible. Visitors in possession of a Sziget-Budapest CityPASS wristband valid from 4 August will be able to use public transport services free-of-charge. 

During this year’s Sziget Festival to be held between 8 and 15 August 2018:

BKK at the Sziget Festival

From 6 August 2018 (Monday) until the last day of Sziget 2018, a BKK Customer Service Point will be operating at the venue of the Sziget Festival. An Ikarus 260 type bus converted for this event will be found near the main Sziget entrance by the K-híd (bridge).

In addition to being able to purchase different types of public transport tickets, passes and travelcards, you will be able to gather information on our products and services from our colleagues who speak different foreign languages. Our representatives will also be ready to help you with advice on how to reach your destination by public transport in Budapest.

MOL Bubi at the Sziget Festival

In addition to the Customer Service Point, you will be able to get familiar with the MOL Bubi public bike-sharing system and give it a go at the docking station installed at the venue. You will be able to only try the bikes on the venue of the Sziget as bikes can be hired from and returned only to the existing 126 docking stations. You will have to chance to purchase the 24-hour, 72-hour and weekly tickets on the spot as well as get information on the use of the system.

Take public transport to the Sziget Festival on Óbuda island

By making trips of foreign visitors arriving at the Sziget Festival more convenient and faster, BKK operates direct transfer buses between Liszt Ferenc International Airport and Óbudai-sziget on the days of “moving-in” and on the last day of “moving-out”. A dedicated staff and foreign-language brochures at the airport help you inform on transport services.

The fastest transport mode to reach the venue of Sziget Festival 2018, Óbuda Island is suburban railway H5 from which you have to get off at the Filatorigát stop.

Suburban railway H5 can be accessed at the following connection points in Budapest:

Your attention, please! Currently, tramlines 4 and 6 are replaced by buses, due to reconstruction works, as follows:

Other services operating to Sziget Festival:

Please find Budapest’s public transport network maps for daytime services here and night services here.

Please check the maps and graphics on how to get to the Sziget Festival.

Higher frequency and more capacity on some of our public transport lines

In order to support increased passenger numbers during the Sziget Festival, we provide higher frequencies as well as more capacity on some of our services.

Suburban railway line H5: from 8 August (Wednesday) to 15 August (Wednesday) suburban railway line H5 runs more frequently with six-car trains. The suburban railway is running also at night during the festival between Batthyány tér M+H and Filatorigát stations every 15 minutes.

Tramlines operating on Grand Boulevard and the replacement bus operate more frequently in the evenings and at night from late night on 8 August to the early morning on 9 August and from late night on 14 August to the early morning on 15 August.

Night buses 901 and 918: service will be provided by larger-capacity articulated buses on the Hungária ringroad from late night on 8 to the early morning on 9 August and from late night on 14 to the early morning on 15 August.

Special dedicated boat service between Jászai Mari tér and Óbudai-sziget

Between 8 August (Wednesday) and 14 August (Tuesday), a dedicated boat service is in operation every 15 minutes between Jászai Mari tér (Margit híd) and Óbudai-sziget. CityPASS holders as well as passengers in possession of public transport tickets and passes purchased at the prices specified by BKK can use the boat service.

Please board the boat at pier 8 at Jászai Mari tér and at the pier of public boat D12 at Óbudai-sziget. The schedule of the line is available here.

Sziget-Airport shuttle service

On the first days of Sziget Festival 2018:

On Wednesday, 15 August, the day of “moving out”:

The front-door only boarding policy applies on this service, which means that bus drivers check the CityPASS wristbands.  Please find the timetables of buses HERE.

Further service changes in public transport

The boarding point of boat lines D11 and D12 will be relocated during the Sziget Festival. Instead of Jászai Mari tér, the boarding point will be closer to the bridge, at pier 10. The scheduled public boat lines D11 and D12 does not serve the Óbudai-sziget during the Sziget Festival.

During the festival, bus line 226 will not enter Óbudai-sziget (Óbuda Island) therefore it will not serve the stops located on the island. The bus will run between Árpád híd M (metro station) and Aquincum H (suburban railway station), and after the Bogdáni út stop it will run via Szentendrei út serving all stops along the way.

Road traffic restrictions in the area of Óbuda island

For security reasons, please note that traffic restrictions will be in place again during the Sziget Festival in the area of Óbuda Island. From 12:00 on Friday, 3 August to 18:00 on Friday, 17 August 2018, the section between Mozaik utca and the Auchan connection road of Ángel Sanz Briz út will be closed, also the section between Mozaik utca 16 and Ángel Sanz Briz út will be closed. In the Mozaik utca – Ángel Sanz Briz út – Óbudai rakpart junction, the traffic light will be operating in a flashing amber-light mode during the event.

During the same period no parking or stopping at the following locations:

As the Sziget ticket offices will be located in the parking area near the intersection of Ángel Sanz Briz út and K-híd leading to the island, it will be prohibited to stop there.

Only special permit holders will have car access to the area marked by Szentendrei út–Reményi Ede út–Ángel Sanz Briz út–Mozaik utca during the event.

At the request of the Budapest Police, car access will be prohibited to the section of the lower Buda embankment between Halász utca and the Mozaik utca junction – with the help of police cordons – every day from 12:00 to 22:00 between 8 August (Wednesday) and 16 August (Thursday). Car access to the closed section of the embankment is possible for destination traffic only based on the judgement of the police.

Taxi services

The official partner of Sziget is City Taxi using officially fixed fares. Taxi services will be monitored and controlled with special focus by BKK in the Sziget area.

Sziget – Budapest CITYPASS

The black Sziget-Budapest CITYPASS pass and the lemon-yellow 48-hour CITYPASS ticket and the rose-coloured five-day CITYPASS ticket entitle you to an unlimited number of trips during their validity periods

Further discounts are applicable in possession of the Sziget – Budapest CITYPASS. Please find more information at: http://en.szigetfestival.com/citypass.

The CITYPASS  pass is valid from midnight on 4 August until 23:59 on 16 August, available at the price of HUF 11,900. The 48-hour CITYPASS is valid from day of purchase to midnight of the following day and is available at the price of HUF 4,500. The five-day CITYPASS is valid from the day of purchase to midnight of the fifth day and is available at the price of HUF 7,500. They are on sale online at: https://en.szigetfestival.com/tickets/category/entry-ticket and at BKK’s Airport Customer Service Point or at Sziget sales points.

Have a good time at the Sziget Festival!

Budapest, 6 August 2018

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport