Direct shuttle bus service 100E between the airport and the city to run more frequently during longer operating hours

On 18 May 2018, a new schedule was introduced on bus line 100E linking the airport and the city centre: buses now run every 20 minutes instead of the former 30-minute frequency and in addition, the last departure from the airport is at 1:20 while the first morning departure from the city is at 3:40. More ticket purchasing options are available through the deployment of additional ticket vending machines (TVM). Also, the airport will be more easily accessible from 16 June as bus line 200E enters round-the-clock service.

BKK has been monitoring travel demand on the 100E since the service was launched to assess daily passenger numbers and differences between the days of the week. Passenger numbers at the airport fluctuate according to plane arrivals; accordingly, sometimes passengers from one flight arrive to the bus stop while at other times travellers from several different flights would like to use the service. If needed, BKK ensures extra bus departures a few minutes after the scheduled ones to meet the greater demand.

Improvement of the 100E airport service

Bus line 100E, a shuttle service between Deák Ferenc tér and Liszt Ferenc International Airport now runs according to a more frequent schedule, every 20 minutes. The first bus departs Deák Ferenc tér at 3:40 in the early morning, while the last one returns from the airport at 1:20 at night, providing a convenient direct connection between the airport and the city centre.

As an added bonus from 16 June, the bus going to the airport will serve the departures level while the bus to the city centre continues to leave from the arrivals level. Also, more ticket sales points are now available as new TVMs have been installed: one at Kálvin tér stop, the other one at the Deák Ferenc tér terminus.

Further improvement: round-the-clock operation of bus line 200E

Liszt Ferenc International Airport will be more easily accessible even during the period when bus 100E is out of service, as bus line 200E will start operating all day and all night from Saturday, 16 June 2018. During the night, the bus will depart from Határ út metro station which offers better transfer connections to night buses serving the city centre.

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