Automatic metro-door operation reintroduced on metro lines M2 and M4

By taking the opinions of disability stakeholder organisations as well as the feedback of public transport users into account, BKK has reinstated the automatic door operation mode of metro trains arriving at stations on lines M2 and M4. As a result, passengers do not need to press the external and internal door buttons when getting on and off. 

The selective door operation mode was introduced on metro lines M2 and M4 by BKK in the middle of October 2015, in order to reduce the wear-and-tear of vehicle doors significantly while at the same time to increase the efficiency of air-conditioning on board.

Yet, based on the evaluation of feedback by disability stakeholder organisations and passengers provided to BKK, the decision was made to reintroduce the previous, automated door-opening system on Alstom trains serving lines M2 and M4, meaning that all doors now open and close simultaneously.

  • On metro line M4, the opening and closing processes are fully automatic
  • On metro line M2 the opening and closing of doors are performed by metro drivers

On these two metro lines, the door opening buttons become inactive and the buttons’ green lights go out as soon as the sound and light signals start to indicate the closing of doors. It is important to note that the doors close automatically five seconds after the signals, therefore it is not allowed to get on or off the vehicles when the signals are on. Doors are equipped with “sensitive edge” technology to prevent entrapment: in case the doors detect that an obstacle, such as a person or object, gets in the way, the closing process is suspended and then continued slowly.

By involving stakeholders, BKK further examines the developmental possibilities and technological solutions which would enable all passenger groups to handle the individual door-opening system safely.


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