CAF tram made of nine thousand building blocks

The scale model of the real CAF tram currently displayed in the lobby of BKK’s head office in Rumbach Sebestyén utca until the end of 2016 was made by a high-school student, Bence Gerliczky (17) and was officially presented by Dr Kálmán Dabóczi, the CEO of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport. The model consisting of about 9,000 building blocks is based on exact technical drawings and took 180 working hours to assemble.

“One cannot talk about Budapest’s public transport without emotions, which sometimes means annoyance with and other times fondness of public transport. The latter was demonstrated by this creative young man with his model tram”, said Dr Dabóczi at the event. According to BKK’s CEO, this is the reason why it is important that the transport organising company should support such initiatives and inspire the construction of similar models.


“The preparation and design work took a total of 50-60 hours which is not a short time, but I did enjoy it a lot,” declared Bence Gerliczky. He added: Thanks to BKK, I had the chance to examine the real tram in depth, and I even received a design plan with measurements. First of all, I had to make a decision about the size of the vehicle, since the bigger it is, the more detailed the vehicle could be constructed but then again the heavier the load on the framework elements would be. Thus, I had to set a limit and convert the dimensions to Lego block sizes. Afterwards, I made the exact side-view and top-view sketches, on the basis of which I ordered the required elements.”

Read our interview with the young creator here.

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