Take public transport to the venue of the Budapest Water Polo EC

Between 14-27 July Budapest hosts the Water Polo European Championship. The competitions will take place at the Alfréd Hajós – Tamás Széchy Swimming Complex on Margitsziget.

To reach the venue, please take bus lines 26 or 226 from Nyugati pályaudvar M. During the event BKK will increase the frequency and the capacity of bus services on these lines, with routes going through Margitsziget.

Between 14-27 July, boat line D12 will have an extra stop by serving the Margitsziget, Centenáriumi emlékmű–pier not far from the EC Swimming Complex. Boat line D13 also stops here on the weekends.

Another transport option is to take trams 4 or 6 to reach the stop Margitsziget/Margit híd at the northern entrance to the island.

Enjoy your ride on BKK’s services and have a great time with your favourite team during the Budapest Water Polo European Championship.

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