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BKK Centre for Budapest Transport introducing the new ticket vending machines (TVMs). All the necessary information regarding TVMs including an instructional video in English and an interactive demo are now available at

Additionally, a sales point location search is offered on this dedicated webpage:

Tourists,  visitors  and locals alike will be able to save time by using the new BKK ticket vending machines instead of ticket offices. Most ticket machines dispense tickets and passes around the clock, accept both cash and credit cards for payment and return even banknotes for change for large denominations.

Thanks to the new ticket machines, the points of ticket and pass sale locations have tripled while customers have six times as many options to use their bankcards for payment.

The menu system of TVMs is currently available in Hungarian and English, but in the near future speakers of German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Slovak, Chinese and Russian will get the chance to use the machines in their own languages.

For further information regarding the locations of the ticket machines, a virtual trial of the machines and the registration page for VAT invoicing, please go to
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