New bike lanes on Andrássy út

New bike lanes on Andrássy út
New bike lanes on Andrássy útNew bike lanes on Andrássy út

The new bike lanes have been inaugurated on Andrássy út, the famous World Heritage boulevard of Budapest. The disadvantageous location of the old curb-side lanes, running behind the car parking lanes have often led to incidents between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. People did not pay attention to cyclists while getting out of their cars, in addition right-turning vehicles disregarded them as well. The new lane positioned between the traffic lanes and the parking lane guarantees a fast and safe way for cyclists. István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest emphasised in his inaugural address that creating a new bike lane means much more than only painting a couple of yellow stripes on the cobblestones of the sidewalk. Dávid Vitézy, CEO of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport pointed out in his speech that the transport-organising authority of Budapest will go on replacing bike lanes shared with pedestrians in order to avoid further conflicts between the two groups.

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