‘Front-door boarding only’ policy on BKK’s lines

The front-door boarding only policy has been introduced by BKK on several bus and trolleybus lines, in order that we could filter out fare evaders. On such lines only the front door can be used for boarding the vehicles in order that the drivers could check the validity period of passengers’ tickets, passes or travel IDs.



BKK wishes to protect passengers who have already complied with the rules so far, purchasing their tickets, travelcards and passes and validating their tickets; i.e. they purchased their entitlement to travel. The front-door boarding only policy is meant to be for you. By introducing the front-door boarding only policy, BKK is able to filter out fare evaders more efficiently or passengers who breach the Travel Terms and Conditions.

In case you are not in possession of a valid ticket or pass when boarding a front-door boarding only line, you have the chance to purchase a ticket from the driver at the price of HUF 450. At the same time, we recommend that you purchase your ticket or pass in advance from BKK’s any TVM to be found city-wide or at BKK’s any Customer Service Centre. The Budapest-pass can be purchased with any starting day. The price of the single ticket is HUF 350.

We would like to kindly ask you to help our drivers, by having your ticket in hand already at the stop, in order the vehicle driver could leave the stop sooner, as a consequence of which, you together with your fellow passengers could reach your destination even more quickly.We would like to kindly ask you to show your pass or your travel ID to the driver the way that he or she could see it well. The pre-purchased ticket or the ticket purchased from the driver must be validated by the validator to be found at the driver’s booth.

At different information boards and displays, such as at stops, in the timetable as well as on vehicles’ displays, with the indication “Front-door boarding only”, BKK calls passengers’ attention to public transport lines on which the front-door boarding only policy applies.

BKK asks passengers to go towards the rear side of the vehicles to ensure convenient and quick boarding and use the rear doors to get off.

Wheelchair users, passengers with prams or passengers with bicycle – wherever possible – can use any of the doors of their choice even on the lines on which the front-door boarding only policy applies but they are required to prove their travel ID also in this case before or after boarding.

When a driver of a front-door boarding only vehicle is not in the driver’s booth at a terminus, s/he will check the ticket, pass or the travel ID of passengers boarding the vehicle in the meantime, in the passenger area after s/he has returned.

In certain cases (e.g. when events are held), the front-door boarding only policy might be suspended by BKK. In such cases, employees of the security service are authorised to check your ticket, pass or other travel entitlement and also to sell single tickets.

Due to the introduction of the front-door boarding only policy, BKK’s primary goals are to make BKK’s Terms and Conditions of Travel kept, to ensure protection of the righteous revenue of the Association, by decreasing the number of fare evaders, who cause long-term harm both to the Centre of Budapest Transport and indirectly to their fellow passengers, including you.


The front-door boarding only policy applies on the following lines 

(please see supplementary information for some lines below):



Supplementary information for some lines:


  • Security guards are authorised to help passengers boarding the lines; i.e. passengers who are already in possession of a pre-purchased Airport Shuttle Bus Single Ticket or an Airport Shuttle Bus Single Ticket purchased from the security guard are entitled to use the service of the vehicle. It is considered a special case when the vehicle driver opens the second door for the purpose of passengers’ boarding, keeping the departure time, depending on the passenger flow. In this case, security guards must help passengers getting onboard the line at the vehicle’s second door. The Airport Shuttle Bus Single Ticket is to be used for this service at the price of HUF 900.


  • The front-door boarding only policy applies only on Saturdays and during public holidays.






  • The front-door boarding policy applies only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and only between Margit híd, budai hídfő and Bogdáni út in Buda, and only between Szentkirályi utca and Kőbánya alsó vasútállomás in Pest. All doors can still be used for boarding and exiting between Kálvin tér and Jászai Mari tér.


  • The front-door boarding only policy applies every day between Zugló vasútállomás (Hermina út) – Báthory utca / Bajcsy-Zsilinszky every day, while between Orczy tér and Szentkirály utca it applies at weekends and during public holidays.


  • The front-door boarding only policy is not applicable between Keleti pályaudvar M – Báthory utca / Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út at weekends and during public holidays.


  • During the peak hours on workdays, all of the doors of the buses can be used for getting onboard the bus.


  • The front-door boarding only policy applies only on solo buses.


  • The front-door boarding only policy applies only from Sunday to Thursday.


We ask our passengers to check the displayed and other information boards when arriving at the stops. Thank you.