Passenger traffic on the airport shuttle bus 100E

In Budapest, the airport shuttle bus 100E has been in operation again since June 2021 between Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 and Deák Ferenc tér M. Passengers are counted by the bus drivers after each departure. Right after departure, the actual recorded number of the passengers is sent to the control room, so if necessary, we can immediately intervene in the operation of 100E. The collected data are summed up weekly so we can determine the traffic trends which mean the basis of timetable-modification, such as reducing headways, lengthening operation time etc.




Data source ArrivaBus Kft. Data availablity since June 2021
Data processing BKK Zrt. Data breakdown weekly
Counting method reported by the bus drivers right after departure  


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Bus line 100E



The airport shuttle bus 100E provides a direct airport-to-city bus connection between Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport and Deák Ferenc tér, by offering a quick, 40-minute journey time to the city centre of Budapest, with an intermediate stop at Kálvin tér. Services run 24/7 from August 2022.