Extended free travel provided to Ukrainian refugees on BKK’s lines

Budapest, 29 August 2022 – BKK Centre for Budapest Transport has extended the possibility of free travel on BKK’s public transport lines until 31 December 2022 to refugees arriving from Ukraine. At the initiative of the Municipality of Budapest, free travel can be used, just like before, by showing an Ukrainian ID suitable for the refugee’s identification.


Free travel to Ukranian refugees on BKK's lines


BKK Centre for Budapest Transport has extended the possibility of free travel to those Ukrainian citizens who had to leave their homes due to the war. BKK has extended its service introduced on 4 March 2022 until 31 December 2022. Refugees are entitled to use the service free-of-charge, in case they are in possession of any of the following official IDs: Ukrainian passport, Ukrainian ID card, Ukrainian residence permit, Ukrainian student ID for other foreign students studying in Ukraine and other ID with Ukrainian address for other foreign citizens.

Documents entitling to free transport remain to be accepted on BKK’s lines - except for the 100E Airport Shuttle Bus, the Castle Hill Funicular, the heritage lines and boats -  and also within the Budapest section of the suburban railway and the regional “blue” buses.

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport continues to do its best to make the situation of refugees arriving from Ukraine easier as much as possible. The company would like to kindly request its customers to provide help, if necessary, during their travel to refugees using public transport.